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Sailors Notice

I believe that we are sailors, and that if we want to enjoy the trip we must first learn how the “ship” with which we identify works. We must know the wind and the tides, we must generally understand the environment in which we move.


This is the beginning of yoga for me. A science that allows us to develop all our abilities and helps us see beyond our limitations. It serves as the ship's instruction manual and at the same time as a navigation chart. It is ultimately a guide for life. And yoga and life are closely related.


What is life if not a journey? A journey without a destination where at every moment we can change course, rediscover ourselves. A journey whose objective is not to get anywhere, but to learn to flow with the wind. We call this wind spirit, the force that moves us. Spirituality is nothing other than learning to flow with life.


Where do we come from? Where are we going? These questions are as dynamic as life itself. It doesn't matter what was or what will be, the truly important thing is to keep going. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Learn to enjoy the calm and at the same time the storm. Everything has its time, its place. If you feel lost ask yourself the question, where am I? If you still have doubts, yoga can definitely help you.


Our ancestors learned to navigate by observing nature. His teachers were the elements, the sun and the moon, the stars... From observation and experience was born the understanding of the world, both outside and inside. This is how we became Sapiens, this is how we honor our species. Yoga has been reborn in a time where natural laws remain the same, but where human beings behave as if they were above them.


It is time of purification, we must control our incontinence, our greed and arrogance. We must clean up the mess we have created, starting with ourselves. It is time to mature, to grow and travel together towards a new golden age. For this, Yoga has reemerged as a way of life, far beyond the culture of the body, as a global culture.

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