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Anupaya Yoga

Down-to-earth spirituality

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About us

Anupaya Yoga is a school for the development of consciousness. It is based on a holistic approach to life that allows us to see beyond the limitations of the material world and reach our full potential.


At Anupaya we believe that there are as many paths as there are individuals, and that they all lead to a better understanding of life. It is a non-dogmatic approach to spirituality, open to diverse cultures and faiths.


It is based on the observation of life itself through nature, and its objective is to help us reconnect with the world in which we live, with our feet on the ground.


Our mission

Develop consciousness from the integral vision of yoga, promoting unity in diversity among all living beings and with nature.

Disseminate the benefits of the practice of Yoga aimed at health from a holistic perspective of the human being, with the aim of improving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

Enhance feelings of peace, solidarity and cooperation through the practice of Yoga. Without discrimination based on ideas, sex, nationality and/or social status.

Promote the knowledge, teaching and practice of Yoga as a conscious and sustainable way of life, absent of any type of sectarianism and political ideologies.

"Smile like the flowers and green grass. Develop friendship with all your neighbors, dogs, cats, cows, trees and flowers. Then you will have a wide, perfect and full life"

Swami Sivananda

Source of inspiration

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